Call For Makers

What do you MAKE?

Mini Maker Faire Kingsport Exhibitor’s Form

We are looking for people who enjoy MAKING things. Do you have a hobby or special interest you would like to share? Do you belong to a club or organization for your special interest – i.e. ham radio, beer making, etc Are you a basement inventor, tinkerer or just like to come up with clever ideas? Sunday July 15 from 1 pm – 6 pm at the Civic Auditorium will be a time to show off your skills. There is no charge for Makers to set up but we want to be ready when you arrive so please take time to tell us about what you are doing. Think of this day as an adult show and tell or “science fair” activity. We see this as a time to share your hobby passion, whatever it is. Filling out this application, if you are selected, does commit you to the activities of the day – you will enjoy meeting other makers and perhaps find new people to share you hobby with. More details about set up will follow once we receive your application.

Application at or






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