Who is a Maker – It could be you!

Let’s start at the beginning – learning about Makers. Two weeks ago the Carousel Project has a grand gala and Fine Arts Show. Attendees enjoyed seeing how their friends had taken rough pieces of wood and created beautiful riding animals for the carousel. Most of these artists started untrained and learned to be Makers. Painters came and put the final touches of horses, developed rounding boards that depict the heritage of the area. Additionally many fine artists showed and demonstrated their talents – potters, weavers, wood workers, jewelry makers and more – ALL MAKERS!

We are now looking for people to participate in our July Faire – so we are seeking makers of all kinds!

Engineering – Amateur radio, amateur aviation, Electric Cars , HAcker groups, Model railroad clubs, robotics, LED Art.

Science groups – astronomy, Children’s museums, kite or paper airplane building, Tesla coils ,

Art groups and crafters – Book Binding, lace makeing, soap making  woodworkers, fiber arts, Swap-o-rama-rama

People working with food and sustainability including wine and beer, foragers, master gardeners, community gardens

Music – Electronic, Jug Bands, Instrument making or hacking, drum circles, dance groups

Also reenactor groups, juggling, star wars clubs, hula hoops , scout groupsm homeschool projects 

The possibilities are broad!

Read about the concept below:

Maker Faires brings together families and individuals to celebrate the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset and showcase all kinds of incredible projects. At a Maker Faire, you’ll find arts and crafts, science and engineering, food and music, maybe fire and water but what makes this event special is that all these interesting projects and smart, creative people belong together. They are actively and openly creating a maker culture.

 In its simplest form, Maker Faire creates conversations with Makers. It is a show-and-tell format for people of all ages that brings out the “kid” in all of us. Maker Faire is a community-based learning event that inspires everyone to become a Maker and connect to people and projects in their local community. Yet, Maker Faire is a “fair” which should be fun and engaging.

Maker Faire provides a venue for makers to show examples of their work and interact with others about it. Often there is no other place to show what they do. Because these activities are out of the spotlight of traditional art or science or craft events. DIY often is invisible in our communities, taking place in shops, garages and kitchen tables. So the goal of the event is to make visible the projects and ideas that we don’t encounter every day. Maker Faire, like any fair, might include traditional forms of making but it is primarily designed to be forward-looking, exploring new forms and new technologies.

                Maker Faire is interactive and educational in all kinds of ways. Maker Faire is not a passive sit-down experience; it’s a hands-on experience that you grab hold of. From simple conversations and detailed explanations to amazing do-it-yourself demonstrations, Maker Faire is all about participation and sharing. Many Makers develop exhibits with hands-on activities; others bring unusual objects that we don’t see every day. All of that creates a stimulating event.

What Maker Faire is Not

Maker Faire is not a trade show. Maker Faire is an opportunity for people to share ideas and projects. So Maker Faire is non-commercial in nature, in that we don’t want it dominated by traditional sales and marketing. We hope to create authentic interactions that satisfy each person’s interests. At the same time, we’re not anti-commercial. We are grateful to have businesses as sponsors. We also allow makers to show their work and offer items for sale. We want to help makers succeed in starting a business, if that’s their goal. However, we don’t want to change the look and feel or spirit of the event.


There is no cost to participate – each maker (individual or group) will receive a 10’ x 8’ space. There is also outdoor space (grass or asphalt) if that suits your exhibit better.

Maker Faire is an activity within . This 9 day festival attracts over 175,000 people annually and covers a broad range of activities for the entire community. WWW.FUNFEST.NET for more information


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